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A world where no one locks doors belongs to a bygone age. Today, only a small percentage of people dont lock their doors to their homes and businesses. According to the

National Crime Prevention Council. Locks are a significant part of a comprehensive plan to protect your home, your loved ones, and your possessions.

NYC Locksmith can help both Commercial Residential, and Automotive customers in New york by providing peace of mind when locking up.!

Have you recently purchased a new home or leased a new office, and been handed the previous owners or leasees keys? How do you know how many copies of that key the previous person might have made? The NYC Locksmith wants to keep your New york home or business secure with key control.


Wesley B.


Did a great job. Came right to my house and replaced my car keys on the spot. Very responsive and easy to communicate with. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone else.



Marlena Marley


Hagi is very patient, kind, and down to earth. The master of locks! He saved me after I locked myself outside my apartment at 530 in the morning in the freezing cold with no where to go!! No car keys or apt keys it was not looking promising! He came and had it opened in less than 10 mins. He is very experienced, optimistic, and kind. Extremely intelligent and efficient. If you ever get locked out or need anything that involves locks or keys at any time he is the man to call!. Thank you!


Alex M.


A very intelligent man who's the best locksmith I've met. Professional, understanding, fast, punctual, and knowledgable. You need a keymaker to guide you through the matrix that is New York. Let it be Hagi.

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